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A Gas tank for the
Hornby Rocket Locomotive.
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Boiler Pressure Regulator.
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Forest Classics, sponsors
of Robert Handcock &
Ken Edwards, at the Isle
of Man TT races.
Congratulations to Rob & Ken for winning 5th place at the 2012 Sidecar event!
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D. R. Mercer Type 1 & Type 2 Traction Engines

Appointed Mercer Dealer.

Click here to see how to add Radio Control to a Mercer Engine.

Click here for prices of other models by D.R.Mercer & optional extras.

Our Mercer photo gallery, click here


Mercer Type 1 - Kit Form - 650.00p

Mercer Type 1 - Painted Kit Form - 700.00p

Mercer Type 1 - Fully Built & Painted - 750.00p

Mercer Type 2 - Kit Form - 750.00p Mercer Type 2 - Painted Kit Form - 800.00p Mercer Type 2 - Fully Built & Painted - 850.00p

Mercer Showmans' - Kit Form - 1000.00p Mercer Showmans' - Painted Kit Form - 1050.00p Mercer Showmans' - Fully Built & Painted - 1175.00p


All models except Showmans' now fitted with a longer
crank and pulley enabling accessories to be run.


Please allow 2 to 3 weeks delivery for kits and 4 to 5 weeks for built & painted models.


If painted or painted & built models are required, then please email 


or contact us by telephone to discuss the colours required.

A Mercer Showmans' Kit
Type 1 Unpainted   Type 1 Unpainted
Type 1   Type 2
    Red Mercer Type 2 photograph courtesy of Peter & Hilary Williams
A Mercer Type 2 with the NEW Tank & Burner Assembly   A top quality example of a Mercer Showmans Engine
The new gas tank & ceramic burner assembly for
D. R. Mercer Type 1 & Type 2 Engines
here for details

D.R.Mercer's superb engines are skilfully engineered in Birmingham England, by a leading model engineering company. These engines are not toys, but collectors and steam enthusiasts' miniatures.
The engines are offered in kit form with easy to follow instructions.  Machining is not required, or any special tools. Painting to your own colours using aerosol paints as supplied by accessory shops.
On the brass boiler it is recommended that an etching primer be used as a base coat. The engine can also be supplied fully assembled and painted to you colour specification. A canopy can be supplied for both models.

Height: 7 "  (19.05cm)  Cylinder bore: 3/8" (9.5mm)     Valve: Slide type Length: 12" (30.5cm)
Stroke: 0.43"  (11mm) Valve gear: Stephenson's    Weight: 5 lbs (2.2kg) Piston: 1 Fabric Ring
Lubrication: Displacement type to cylinder Regulator: Taper plug tap.   Not super heated steam. Drive: Sliding gear clutch.
Final drive gears. Boiler: Brass, fully silver soldered, hydraulic tested.    Working pressure  10 to15 p.s.i.  Running time: 20 to 30 minutes. 
Fired by spirit lamp with two wicks.        
  Differences in specification between
Type 1 & Type 2 Traction Engines. 

Wheels: Type 1 are fitted with Artillery type round spokes, similar to the American style "Case" Traction Engine. Type 2 has the traditional English style flat spoked wheels.  Pressure gauge: Type 1, not fitted. Type 2, fitted.

Flywheel: Type 1, 2 " spoked. Type 2, 2 " - 6 spoked.  Chimney: Type 1, straight. Type 2, flanged.

Type 1 can be upgraded to a Type 2 in stages to suit your requirements,
and all optional extras are suitable for both models. 

For those customers who wish to assemble their own Mercer kit, but have no painting facilities,
all models can supplied prepainted in colours of your choice.


Click here for prices of other models by
 D.R.Mercer & optional extras.


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BIX012 Gas Burner Set for the Mamod Steam Wagon

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Two superb
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BIX030 kit

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