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Bohm Flame Gulper HB24 KIT 

Bohm Flame Gulper HB24 KIT £ 449.00 In stock


Item no. HB24KIT
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Technical Data:
Base measurement: 200 mm x 130 mm x 160 mm
Base plate material: Beech
Bearings: Four high quality  ball bearings.
Working rpm.: 0 - 800 rpm, regulated to run slowly.
Balance wheel: Diameter 70mm.
Fuel: Spirit
Weight: 2100g

Should you wish to construct this fine 
Stirling engine yourself, a kit of fully 
machined components is available.

Full instructions for assembly
of the Bohm HB22 are provided.

Some history and technical details.

A Vacuum motor, also named "Flame Gulper," is a hot-air motor but not a Stirling engine .The principle is quite old. In 1758 Henry Wood already was granted a patent. From the technical point of view it is an atmospheric motor, because the outer air pressure does the work (comparable to the first Ottomotor). The piston sucks the flame into the cylinder through an open valve and heat the air inside.

When the piston goes back the valve closes, the air in the cylinder cools down and the outer, now higher atmospheric pressure presses the piston forward. Therefore the maximum power of the piston is limited to the product of the surface of the piston × air pressure.

When the piston reaches the front dead centre, the valve opens again and the cycle starts again. A balance wheel overcomes both dead centres. Used as functioning motors for models, they are often built as stationary motors in horizontal and vertical versions and as single, double or multi-cylinders. They have been used for models of nostalgic tractors and rail vehicles very successfully.

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