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Basic Steam Engine Kit 

Basic Steam Engine Kit £ 45.99 In stock


Item no. SEBASIC
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For value for money, it would be difficult to beat our basic steam engine kit. The material in this pack enables you to build a fully functional model steam engine. The main material is brass and the finished machine demonstrates the principle of oscillation.

The heating of the boiler, using solid fuel tablets, is quite safe. All critical parts, boiler, end caps, safety vent etc, are ready finished to ensure success.


Also in this series, a basic Stirling Engine kit


The very detailed 25 page instruction booklet makes completion of this project possible in a step by step manner. Among the techniques experienced are silver soldering, folding, drilling, fitting and testing.

The strict safety guidelines shown in the instructions should be adhered to for this project.


Some of the kit components


Solder and flux NOT included in this kit.

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