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Dream Steam Dead Leg Displacement Lubricator 

Dream Steam Dead Leg Displacement Lubricator £ 29.00 In stock


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The Dream Steam Dead-Leg Displacement Lubricator ensures 'O' ring pistons receive just the right amount of lubrication during steaming. The new revised design now includes an adjustable fixing plate and a drain screw to empty the cup.  We also include a special curved tip syringe to draw off excess water before topping the oil up. 

It might seen odd but if you imagine water going down the bath plug in a circular whirling motion - this is how the oil travels down the inside surface of the tube whilst steam comes up the middle. As the steam condenses in the cup, the oil floats to the top and down the protruding tube.  Excess water is sucked out using the curved tip syringe supplied.

The lubricator is positioned at the front of the loco on the right of the smoke box for easy removal of the screw cap. No soldering is required. The special push fit 'T-piece' adaptor fits into the back of the forward and reverse block and the steam feed pipe, which will need shortening, pushes into the adaptor. Partial dismantling of the front portion of the loco is required to fit this part. Comes full instructions. Only use 460 Compound Steam Oil, available separately.

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