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Dream Steam Steam Regulator Kit 

Dream Steam Steam Regulator Kit £ 39.00 In stock


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This item is made to order and will be ready for despatch in approximately five weeks.

To control the extra power or just to add extra control to speed, this regulator kit contains an adaptor that fits into the whistle hole and extends into the cab where a fine control regulator valve controls the amount of steam that passes into the feed pipe to the pistons. An opening in the top of adaptor takes a High Pressure Safety Valve, sold separately but shown fitted in one of the photos above for illustration only.

Comes with adaptor, regulator valve and round knob, copper pipe to forward and reverse block with connection nipple and nut. This pipe is sold longer than required and is straight not bent in case it is fitted to another type of loco or marine engine. Therefore the end will need cutting to size. A cap to close off existing steam feed under dome, washers and full instructions. is included. Some dismantling of your loco will be required to fit this upgrade and a hole will need to be cut or drilled in the cab front to fit the adaptor through into the cab. Therefore some basic engineering skills and tools are required.

Please note, the adaptor has a 1/4 x 26tpi thread to fit in a standard loco boiler and to accept a 14 x 26 tpi threaded High Pressure Safety Valve sold separately. Safety valve show in photo is for illustration only to show how it is fitted to the top of the adaptor and is not included with this product.

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