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Dream Steam Steam Regulator Kit 

Dream Steam Steam Regulator Kit £ 35.00 In stock


Item no. DSSRK
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To control the extra power or just to add extra control to speed, this regulator kit contains an adaptor  that fits into the whistle hole and extends into the cab where a fine control regulator valve controls the amount of steam that passes into the feed pipe to the pistons. Opening in top of adaptor to take High Pressure Safety Valve

Comes with adaptor, regulator valve and handle, copper pipe to forward and reverse block with connection nipple and nut, a cap to close off existing steam feed under dome, washers and full instructions.  Some dismantling and minor alteration to the cab front is required to fit this item. 

Please note, the adaptor has a ¼" x 26tpi thread to fit in a standard loco boiler and to accept a 14 x 26 tpi threaded High Pressure Safety Valve sold separately above.

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