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Dream Steam Three Wick Meths Burner 

Dream Steam Three Wick Meths Burner £ 45.00 In stock


Item no. DSTWMB
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Improve the steaming of your loco with Dream Steam's Three Wick Meths Burner, which, when combined with a High Pressure Safety Valve, will increase power and running time to 15-20 minutes. Dream Steam have introduced a new silicon rubber bung with a breather tube for safety and a curved tip syringe for filling and draining the tank.

Fits in place of the original solid fuel burner tray. A few minor adjustments with a small file may be required depending on how tight your loco is.  Comes complete with special silicone bung, spare wick, screw mounting nut, curved tip syringe, special chassis spacer and full instructions


Only use Methylated Spirit in this burner.

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