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Mamod Telford Set O Gauge 

Mamod Telford Set O Gauge £ 699.00 In stock


Item no. 1351 TE SET


Delivery 14-21 days.UK.The Telford is a superior slide valve engine using the proven design of the Brunel and Centurion models. It incorporates a sliding roof for easy access to the cab workings. The Mamod Telford Set includes everything you will need to start steaming with this quality locomotive.

Check out the Telford in action!


  • vertical inline displacement lubricator
  • silver soldered boiler
  • 9.5 mm upgraded cylinders with slip eccentrics
  • ceramic burner
  • butane/propane gas tank
  • smoking chimney
  • cosmetic whistle and tank tops
  • 30ml bottle of steam oil, 30ml bottle of 15/40 oil and syringe.

Download and keep fuel tank filling instructions.

Set Includes:

  • Gas adapter
  • 0 gauge locomotive
  • 1 tender
  • 2 x packs of curved track
  • 1 x pack of straight track
    • Combined track gives oval of 220 x 220 cm

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