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Ministeam Start/Stop Set 

Ministeam Start/Stop Set £ 78.00 In stock


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product description

New edition 2015

Every suspension train can be upgraded with Hielscher Start Stop Automatic easily.


Two  small permanent magnet can be fixed to place of your choice on the scaffold, either in the station or on the free track. When the suspension railway reaches the magnet, the motor of the train will be stopped electronically a few seconds. After a programmed while approx. 10 seconds the suspension train starts up slowly and then will reach its full speed . With additional magnets (Art. No. 010224) more stop points can be established.

Distance Control


Because of different accu loads the trains will not have the same speed. If more than 1 train will run on the track it could be useful to activate the distance Control to avoid  that the trains reaches each other. Simply stick with e.g superglue another magnet to top left on the back of the train.


If the faster train reaches the train in front the magnet of the front train will stop motor of the faster train for a short while. The front train runs again and gets automatically more distance between the trains.

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