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Edwardian Paddle Steamer KIT 

Edwardian Paddle Steamer KIT £ 59.99 In stock


Item no. 1572K
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Kit Specifications:  
  Length 655mm. Beam 170mm.
This 1:76 scale model of an Edwardian Paddle Steamer is typical of the elegant Steamers used in the late Nineteenth & Twentieth Centuries.
This type of boat was widely used for summer excursions as well as for cross-channel & other regular services.
The hull is made from thin plywood and Jelutong wood which is easy to shape.
This working Paddle Steamer looks superb as an ornament when fitted in the stand
Paddle Steamer Kit contains:  
Cast Stanchion and Air Vents
Plastic sheet for paddles
Electric motor
Battery Box and Gears
The kit does not include paint.

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