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Woodpecker Hit and Miss Engine - Casting Kit 

Woodpecker Hit and Miss Engine - Casting Kit £ 540.00 In stock


Item no. Woodpecker
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Foundry Casting that must be machined.

The kit contains:

Cast Iron Castings (6)
Base, Head, Bearing blocks, Cylinder sleeve, 2 Flywheels

Aluminium Castings (3)
Sub-base, Water Reservoir, and Piston

Bronze Castings (9)
Rocker Arm Bracket, A & B Governor Weights, Cam Lever, Rocker Arm, Governor Lock, Connecting Rod, Muffler Top and Muffler Bottom

Other Items
Set of Gears, Blueprints (7), Spring (Makes 3 springs)

Woodpecker Model Specifications:
Flywheels - 6.375 inch
Stroke - 1.937 inch
Bore - 1.312 inch


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