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Hielscher Stirling Engine 2 Kit 

Hielscher Stirling Engine 2 Kit £ 229.00 In stock


Item no. 010609
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product description

The Hielscher “Stirling 2”, (Lutz Hielscher, D-Wuppertal, manufacturer of stirling motor models), demonstrates the workings of the hot air engine perfectly. As the displacer cylinder and the working cylinder are made of heat resistant precision glass, the movement of the pistons can be seen very easily. Another clever feature of this model is the vertical arrangement of the two cylinders one above the other on one axis.


Technical Data:


Working cylinder Ø: 18.00 mm
Stroke: 14.00 mm
Revolutions per minute: up to 550 rpm
Height: 210 mm
Width: 90 mm
Weight: 450 g
Running time: approx. 3 hrs with tea-light




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