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Hielscher Stirling Engine 6 Kit 

Hielscher Stirling Engine 6 Kit £ 269.00 In stock


Item no. 010617
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On Hielscher “Stirling 6”, (Lutz Hielscher, D-Wuppertal, manufacturer of stirling motor models), the horizontal displacement cylinder and the up right working cylinder are adjusted in a 90° angle. As the displacer cylinder and the working cylinder are made of heat

resistant preccisions glass, the operation of a stirling motor can be seen very easily.
The rotation speed is continusly variable by upplying the throtlling valve. Driven parts can be moved by the pulley.


Technical Data:

Lenght: 170 mm
Width: 70 mm
Hight: 210 mm
Weight: 420 g
Rounds: up to 950 min.
Running time: ~ 20 min. with spirit

Stroke: 14 mm
Working piston Ø: 18 mm
Displacement piston Ø : ~17 mm
Fuel: Spirit


All kits are fully machined and ready to be assembled!

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