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Hielscher Stirling Engine No 4 Kit 

Hielscher Stirling Engine No 4 Kit £ 159.00 In stock


Item no. 010603
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The Hielscher Hot Air Engine “Stirling 4”, (Lutz Hielscher, D-Wuppertal, manufacturer of stirling motor models), makes use of bellows instead of working pistons and cylinders. The hot, expanded air cools down and contracts in the open bellows. Atmospheric pressure pushes the bellows back together. The power thus generated causes the flywheel to rotate. The rotation speed may be infinitely varied by use of a butterfly valve.


Technical Data:


Stroke: 14.00 mm
Revolutions per minute: 0-550 rpm, infinitely variable with butterfly valve
Height: 160 mm
Width: 130 mm
Weight: 260 g
Running time: approx. 3 hrs with tea-light
Fuel: tea-light

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