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Hielscher Twin Stirling Engine - Finished Model 

Hielscher Twin Stirling Engine - Finished Model £ 450.00 In stock


Item no. 010620
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On the Hielscher “Twin-Stirling”, (Lutz Hielscher, D-Wuppertal, manufacturer of stirling motor models), the two displacement cylinders and the two working cylinders are offseted in a 180° degree angle to the crank shaft and will set the filigree large fly wheel in rotation. With the two throtlling valves, each on working cylinder, the rotation is continusly adjustible. On the pully the the power can be take off to drive driven purts.


Technical Data:

Lenght: 210 mm
Width: 120 mm
Hight: 200 mm
Weight: 550 g
Rounds 0-500 U/min.
Running time: ~ 20 min. with spirit

Stroke: 14 mm
Working piston Ø : 18 mm
Displacement piston Ø (Steelwool): 17 mm
Fuel: Spirit

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