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Ministeam B4 HO / 00 1:87 Kit 

Ministeam B4 HO / 00 1:87 Kit £ 340.00 In stock


Item no. 010107
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product description

The English B4 class shunter was designed in 1891 by W. Adams. Twenty of these locomotives transported goods around the docks in London and worked as shunters between the Eastern and Western docks in Dover. The last five of this type were built in 1908.


Technical Data:

Length: 8 cm
Width: 3.4 cm

Height: 5 cm
Boiler, copper: 4.8 cm
Piston ø: 3 mm
Stroke: 8 mm
Steering: oscillating
Running time: 5.5 min
Fuel: spirit
Weight: 78 g
Capacity: 2 wagons
Speed (model): 13 cm/s
Speed of original: 40 km/h
Gradient: 9% with one wagon
Colour options: national train selection
Stainless materials: brass, copper, nickel silver
Exhaust Steam from chimney.






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