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Ministeam Turbine 50 

Ministeam Turbine 50 £ 188.00 In stock


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product description

The manufacturer, Lutz Hielscher, Wuppertal (Germany), constructed a high powered steam Turbine "50". The operable model is made of non corrosive metals. The spezial turbine wheel has a diameter of 50 mm. The pilot valve has two 0,9 mm nozzles opposite in a 30° angle. The steam or compressed air iminge the turbine blades. The turbine blades are displaced in a 180° angle on the periphery of the turbine wheel. With the pilot walve this turbin is variable in speed: forward, backwards, slow, stopp.



Technical Data:

Lenght: 80 mm
Width: 38 mm
Hight: 75 mm
Weight: 200 g

                R.p.min on the shaft drive
1,0 bar:    280 R.p.min
1,5 bar:    350 R.p.min
2,0 bar:    400 R.p.min
2,5 bar:    460 R.p.min

1) Steam inlet
2) Steam outlet
3) Shaft drive
4) Worm gear 1:25
5) Pilot valve

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