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All Mamod models are supplied complete with fuel tablets, filler funnel, burner tray etc. Everything needed to run your Mamod model straight from the box!

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Steam Engines have fascinated us for centuries. Since the 1700’s, when Savery and Newcomen first designed steam engines to pump water from flooded mines…..and James Watt built the first engine that could turn wheels.

From then on, steam changed the face of Britain. It was the Golden Age of Steam – culminating in the magnificent achievements of The Flying Scotsman!

Mamod Working Steam Models recapture the excitement of that era giving immediate enjoyment and fun. Fired from solid fuel tablets, the boilers of Mamod models soon reach working pressure and you quickly experience the joys of steam in action.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel and brass the Mamod models follow traditional style and quality engineering of the original steam pioneers such as Watt, Brunel and Trevithick, resulting in robust units that will last for years.

Mamod’s reputation for excellence has been built up over 50 years. All models are tested to strict standards, and safety valves control the working pressure of all units.

The Mamod range is broad, and is complemented by Forest Classics’ own range of Mamod special and limited editions.

If you are seeking a hobby, that special gift or a unique collection, these give pleasure to young and old alike and will be treasured for life.

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