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Mamod Showmans Engine with special DA Piston Cylinder 

Mamod Showmans Engine with special DA Piston Cylinder £ 444.50 In stock


Item no. 1380SP
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Mamod Showmans Special

With Gas Conversion


The Showmans special incorporates the successful design of the piston valve engine as seen on the Mamod locomotive.

Double action piston specification:-

  • Silver solder construction, Re-heating coil
  • 9.5 bore, 14.0 stroke
  • Displacement lubricator
  • Forward and reverse action by slip eccentric
  • Weight 2750 g

    Dimensions 177 x 137 x 294 mm

    For  more control and a cleaner no mess burn why  not have this model with the Bix 010 gas set (as photo)and save £10.00 on buying separately.. Full operating instructions included.  If not it can be added later with no modifications necessary .  The only other thing you need is a Bix 019 refill adapter if you do not already have one. https://www.forest-classics.co.uk/ceramic-burners/gas-essentials-and-jets/gas-refill-adapter

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