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PM Research Thinking Mans' Engine 

PM Research Thinking Mans' Engine £ 159.00 In stock


Item no. Solar-13
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Assembly requiredAn ideal project for the novice model builder. Easy-to-assemble and runs very well. All machining has been done for you. A dry fuel platform and a test quantity of "ESBIT" dry fuel is supplied. Dena­tured alcohol also works well as a fuel for Stirling Cycle Engines. For those persons who prefer using denatured alcohol, we have devel­oped a handy burner, Stock No. 90, which is available for a small additional charge.Specifications: 7½" length x 3½" height x 4" width, up to 1000 RPM, die cast aluminium cylinders, brass arms and a sand cast aluminium platform and flywheel.

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