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Wilesco T125 Steam Turbine

Wilesco presents this turbine of the next generation in cooperation with „Gintschel Modellbau“.  It goes without saying that this model on a high modelbuilding level is Made in Germany. The nobel design in brass and red united on a black base plate shows in a smart way the basic principle of how energy is generated today. With its specially optimized boiler the turbine is equipped with sufficient energy to supply more than 10.000 rpm, including real turbine sound and gameplay fun. This steam turbine T125 is equipped with a powerful generator as well as a transmission for drive models which allows a simultaneous use. Power? No problem! The production of the complete turbine using CNC guarantees an almost vibration-free running. .If spare parts required please check list below and refer to our Wilesco spares pages http://5503559.sellrstores.com/wilesco-spares-c27.htm   If part required is not listed please contact us here at Forest classics and we will obtain it for you.

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