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£3750.00 Including VAT  plus  £60.00 UK carriage .   Please enquire for Europe & Rest of The World. 

Please contact us for more details. [email protected]  01594368318

1.5 Inch Gas Fired  Allchin Traction Engine.In the pictures the black livery shows a completley standard engine , so how it would be recieved.The engine in green Livery has the plate set plus a bespoke nameplate and the waterslide crest on the boiler. Maroon livery has the belly tank and pump fitted. Each colour is available as standard or with accessories fitted. 


    • Dimensions:

      • Scale 1 1/2" to the foot
      • Livery 1: Dark green body, black wheels, cream lining.
      • Livery 2: Maroon body, black wheels, cream lining.
      • Livery 3: Black body, black wheels. cream lining.
      • Length: 627mm
      • Width: 266mm
      • Height: 429mm 
      • Weight: 22.5kg (Dry)
      • Boiler: Copper silver solder
      • Wheel Dia: Rear  228mm, front  148mm
      • Burner: twin flue
      • Fuel: Gas propane/butane

Following the success of the 3/4" Allchin maxitrak will be producing a double size version in 1 1/2" Sacle. This model is a copy of the full size traction engines produced by William Allchin in the Globe works, Northampton, England. The company offered three sizes of traction engine in the 1890's, 6,7 and 8 nominal horse power. Allchin went on to produce further engines up to 1930, including steam rollers, lorries and portable engines. 

Based on the seven h.p. version illustrated in the 1893 catalog faithfully, our model will be fully driveable and capable of pulling  a scale load  or 1 adult. It will perhaps be one of the smallest models on the rally circuit.

It is the latest in a series of high quality traction engines, which Maxitrak have been producing since the 1980's. We are producing it as a ready to run model fitted with a copper silver soldered boiler, with the future potential for the introduction of the ever popular conversion kits. Maxitrak with over 40 years’ experience in garden railway modelling are producing this Allchin 1.5" Scale in conjunction with Accucraft & Aster to give you a top quality model.
Great attention has been paid in

    • sourcing high quality materials, and the copper silver soldered boiler is fully CE certified and stamped in the UK




Optional extras.

  1. Plate Set: Aselection of photo etched plates to add detail to your engine. Includes 2 x chequered footsteps. Manufacturers plate, Boiler wash out plate & 2 number plates.  £47.00

   2.  Custom name plate .  A custom made  photoetched  nameplate to your specification.  £57.00.

  3. Makers Crest transfer .  A waterslide transfer of the Allchin makers crest.  £25.00

    4.  Belly & Hand puimp. . An additional pump system with belly tank for prolonged running. KIT £295.00 -FITTED £325.00

    5.   Lamp Set.      A pair of imatation unpainted D printed lamps and front axle bracket ,a perfect addional detail. £36.00

   6. Gas filler valve . A valve to facilatate the filling of the gas tank. £19.95

    7.  Whistle Set . An option to add a whistle to your engine.  T.B.C.

    Crank  Shaft Pump.  A crank driven pump set.   KIT  -£460.00 

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