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Red Wing Co W/C 1/4 Scale CASTING KIT 

Red Wing Co W/C 1/4 Scale CASTING KIT £ 725.00 In stock


Item no. R-WC-C
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ALLOW 10-14 DAYS FOR DELIVERY. THIS IS A KIT OF CASTINGS AND REQUIRES  MACHING. Bore 1¼" - Stroke 2" Petrol/Gasoline Engine Overall dimensions: Height - 11" Width - 9¾" Length - 17½" Flywheel - 8" dia. Finished - Ready to run. The original 5 HP Red Wing Engine was the inspiration for this fully functional quarter scale model. lt runs on regular gasoline and uses a buzz coil as an ignition source. The casting kit form of this superb bronze and iron engine is supplied with eleven bronze castings and eleven iron castings and several small parts such as springs, gears, piston rings and other small parts needed to build your engine along with a complete set of working drawings.

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