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PM Research 3B1 Unmachined kit 

PM Research 3B1 Unmachined kit £ 118.00 In stock


Item no. 3B1
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Unmachined Kit.STEAM ENGINE No 3WORKING REPLICA STATIONARY STEAM MILL ENGINE NOTE: Machining required Bore ½" - Stroke ¾" - Double ActingThis engine is similar to those used to provide line shaft power to factories and mills in the 1800s. The line shafts conveyed the power to machinery via pulleys and flat leather belts.With a 2¼" flywheel and an overall length of 6", this kit will make a great project for the enthusiast. With all hardware, and complete working drawings included.Click here to see a typical pipework arrangement to connect the Steam Drilling Engine to the PM Research Horizontal Boiler, Part No: BLR-1.

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