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Wilesco Steam Engine Kit D5.Free UK delivery ! 

Wilesco Steam Engine Kit D5.Free UK delivery ! £ 109.00 In stock


Item no. WilescoD5
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Wilesco D5


With Bix gas conversion

With gas conversion and Refill adapter


PLEASE READ IN FULL ! With this D5 kit, young steam fans are shown how nostalgic energy is created. For this purpose every kit contains an easy to understand and illustrated instruction pamphlet. Even the least experienced model builder can assemble this kit in a very short time. The assembly contains no soldering work as all components are screwed together. This kit has the same specifications as the factory produced D 6 Steam Engine, and can be used to drive the models from the WILESCO rangenature.   As with all Wilesco kits they are of a well chosen and proven design and have been on sale  for several years .Please note as per our terms and conditions we are unable  under any circumstances to accept returns of kits once opened and started due to their very nature.   As the tablets are no longer available convert your engine to gas with our Bix gas  conversion. Engine  now available with Bix 026 gas conversion set at a special price of £176.99... This would be £193.99  if bought seperatley. . For even greater savings buy the engine ,gas set and the  Bix 019 refill adapter for £193.78  Bought seperatley total cost £ 214.98.  You will NOT need the Bix 019 refill adapter  if you already have one . .Comes complete with full operating instructions..No modifications required to the engine.  You still get the original solid fuel burner tray.This BIX 026 kit also fits D5.D6,D9, D10,D105.10/100,D11,D12,14,141,145, D16,165 &455. and other makes of smaller stationary engines including Mamods  You only need to buy one to fire a multitude of engines.!  For more information please contact us at [email protected] or on 01594368318.

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