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Wilesco Steam Engine D6 Free UK delivery ! 

Wilesco Steam Engine D6 Free UK delivery ! £ 121.00 In stock


Item no. WilescoD6
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With Bix gas conversion

Gas conversion and Refill adapter



Wilesco Steam Engine

Steam engine with horizontal boiler and oscillating cylinder. The powder-coated base plate has bore holes to fasten the engine on a board. During operation the pressure inside the boiler can be controlled
with the dome whistle.As the tablets are no longer available convert your engine to gas with our Bix gas  gas conversion. Engine  now available with Bix 026 gas conversion set at a special price of £188.99... This would be £205.99  if bought seperatley. . For even greater savings buy the engine ,gas set and the  Bix 019 refill adapter for £205.78, Bought seperatley total cost £ 226.98 You will NOT need the Bix 019 refill adapter  if you already have one . .Comes complete with full operating instructions.. You still get the original solid fuel burner tray. behind.If spare parts required please check list below and refer to our Wilesco spares pages http://5503559.sellrstores.com/wilesco-spares-c27.htm   If part required is not listed please contact us here at Forest classics and we will obtain it for you.

open spare parts list 

Click https://www.wilesco.de/dampfmaschinen-wilesco/d6-bedienungsanleitung-dampfmaschinen-wilesco.pdf to download the Wilesco D6 Operating Manual

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