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Martin Baylis Steam Plant 

Martin Baylis Steam Plant £ 3,330.00 In stock


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This magnificent stationary steamplant from  Martin Baylis Engineering  features a Kingdon style vertical boiler coupled with a three-cylinder steam engine. The engine is equipped with an engine driven feed pump which allows for the replenishing of boiler water as it is consumed. The unit also includes ancillary tanks in the form of a rechargeable gas tank, oil separator tank and feed water reservoir. All copper piping and connections are made and the ensemble is mounted on an anodised aluminium plate with rubber feet. The unit is designed for those who whish to enjoy the romance of steam and to also own an attractive object for display.  These are handbuilt to order and  delivery is 2-3 weeks.  Please contact us if any more information required.

Description and Technical Specification



Weight 6 Kg (dry)
Length 364mm
Width 300mm
Height 280mm


Boiler Valves

This closeup picture of the top of the boiler shows filler, steam valve, safety valve, by-pass valve and pressure gauge together with its bottle siphon.


Oil Separator

The oil separator and sight glass blowdown valve can be seen in this image.


Three Cylinder Model Engine

The three-cylinder model engine together with the engine driven feed pump and various sections of copper pipework



The boiler features wooden cladding and brass bands. The ceramic burner and quick release gas fitting can be seen. Visible is the simulated flanged and bolted end to the separator tank adding an additional note of authenticity.


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