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PM Research Unmachined Dynamo Kit 

PM Research Unmachined Dynamo Kit £ 76.00 In stock


Item no. DYN-1
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Specifications: Speed 5300 rpm, Voltage is 10 vdc" 10 watts, Voltage No Load 12 vdc; Max Current 2.4 amps, Dimensions 2⅜" wide x 3½" long x 2¼" high; Shaft diameter ⅛". This Dynamo comes as an unmachined kit with a cast iron frame.. The frame has four mounting ears and two aluminium end caps to contain the magnet, armature and brushes. The kit can be painted to suit individual requirements. It will take about 10 to 15 hours to machine and assemble. This kit is also available fully machined as our DYN-1M model.Options:Unmachined - NOTE: Machining & Assembly required.Machined - Assembly required.

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