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PM Research Wood Lathe KIT 

PM Research Wood Lathe KIT £ 139.00 In stock


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Un-machined KitNOTE: Machining and assembly required.No engine? No power plant? No problem! In the 1890s, foot power was all that was needed to drive the Chas. A Strelinger No781 Reed Foot Lathe. Of course the PM Research is 1/12th the size and runs mostly on finger power. The lathe can be driven by line shaft power if preferred. The wood lathe measures 4" long and 4½" high.This is first of a line of woodworking tools that are planned to add alongside PM Research’s fine line of metal working machine kits.Kit complete with eleven easy machining aluminium castings, all the required hardware, material, bar stock, and complete working drawings.

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