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PM Research Water Cooled Ericsson Engine 

PM Research Water Cooled Ericsson Engine £ 549.00 In stock


Item no. Solar-12
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PM Research Rider Ericsson Hot Air Pumping EngineREADY TO RUNThe Rider-Ericsson is the only hot air engine that was actually manufactured in production quantities. This marvellous engine is fascinating to see run, with all of its moving parts and a pump that really works! It is a must for all model hot air collections!Our Hot Air Engine measures 4½" x 5" x 6". The curved spokes of the flywheel, the cast linkages, bedplate, water jacket, and crankshaft bracket all contribute to the air of authenticity.The original Ericsson engines were all water-cooled. We are offering a water-cooled version complete with pump to circulate water through the engine. A free, 12-page leaflet containing interesting information on the original Ericsson engine is included with each model.Each engine is tested at the factory and comes complete, ready to run, with an alcohol fuel burner, water tank, extra wick, allen keys and Owner's Manual.

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