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Wilesco Lantern with Dynamo M66/2 

Wilesco Lantern with Dynamo M66/2 £ 56.99 In stock


Item no. WilescoM66/2
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The dynamo and streetlight are installed
on a varnished and printed tin plate.The Wilesco M66 Dynamo is a high-quality drive model that has been developed for use with a Wilesco steam engine. It converts the kinetic energy generated by the steam engine into electrical energy, reaching voltages of 3-4 volts. The Wilesco steam engine utilizes heat energy to convert it into mechanical energy, and by connecting the Dynamo, the mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy. This Dynamo is ideal for lighting self-developed steam workshops. The Dynamo package includes an LED lamp, but it is possible to connect multiple lamps and operate them simultaneously.


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